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FiltrBox.comIf you need to be in the know about what the latest buzz is concerning companies in your investment portfolio, or about your competitors, than you need FiltrBox. FiltrBox is a social media monitoring company which scans through all the hype and buzz and news on the web to deliver you the information you need to know.

It finds relevant content that would otherwise be lost upon most users, given the huge mass of information available on the web. Filtrbox provides a practical and in depth snapshot of companies and brands you care about. It monitors news, blogs, Twitter and FriendFeed. Users can monitor via a web dashboard, custom RSS or email; they can filter results and score articles via FiltrRank. Articles can be shared so usrs can stay in sync with colleagues and clients. Users can also import their GoogleAlerts. Sign up takes only a minute and it’s free. Check out Filtrbox today to get your daily news fix. In Their Own Words

“Filtrbox is the media monitoring service of choice for savvy professionals.

Filtrbox eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools saving both time and money while increasing productivity and knowledge.

Thousands of global users rely on Filtrbox daily to gain a competitive edge.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Filtrbox is a simple, yet powerful cure for information overload. Its intelligent filters save you time and get you only the news you want and need. Busy professionals will be able to stay on top of all the latest updates from companies that matter to them. Filtrbox gets rid of the noise and improves your overall news coverage. It keeps you up to speed without bogging you down.

Some Questions About

What’s the pricing look like? How does this compare to other filtering services? Is there mobile integration?