– No Nonsense RSS Filtering

FilterMyRss.comFilterMyRSS is a hassle free RSS filtering service. Requiring no sign up or registration, this app gets straight to the point without falter.

It filters posts by keyword exclusively, which is to say it filters out posts which match your keywords. This is information that’s extraneous to your purposes. You can refine your filters based on description, or the body of the actual post, by title, which is the title of the post, or by category, which relates to how the content author classifies the post. FilterMyFeed also contains options for showing the original feed, and the original XML. Although compatible with IE, Filter works best with Firefox. In Their Own Words

“FilterMyRSS is a simple feed filter to sort out the unwanted information from an XML or RSS feed and provide only the information which is relevant to you.
This RSS utility filter was created as an exclusive tool for gathering information to be used on my other websites. When the tool was shared with other bloggers, they strongly recommended I create a website so [they] could use. Thus FilterMyRSS was born.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a super simple, no frills filtering service. It’s pretty much self explanatory. You won’t get bogged down by too many features. It’s lightweight but powerful.

Some Questions About

Will Filter add more options for filtering, e.g. by author or tags? How about filtering in options?