– Catalogue your Favorite Films is a free service which allows you to catalogue your favorite films.

This service uses the database – while you browse Amazon DVD, you can easily add a film you are viewing to your collection of favorites here at FilmSuggestions. When you’ve added a film to your collection, you can assign tags and comment on the entry. Your film collection is publicly available, and you can search your collection by tags, actors, directors and title. You might use to: list your favorite films and compare with your friends, look at your friends’ collections to get suggestions for your next film to watch, catalogue your home film collection by tagging films you own with ‘own’, etc. In Their Own Words

“ is an Amazon based service where you can catalogue films, tagging and commenting as you go. Film collections are public so you may find like minded users whose collections contain movies that you might like.”

Why It Might Be A Killer lets you tell everyone which movies you think are the best. You can tag and comment on your movies, search by title, director and actors. You’ll be shown who has similar collections so you can compare and maybe find the next movie you want to watch. It is simple, free and might help you find more movies that you’ll appreciate.

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How many other sites are competing for the same pool of people? Will it generate enough traffic to keep it going?