search cancel – Catalogue favorite films is a bit of different stuff put together in one site, like a film library and social network.


The idea is that users can create their profiles and their list of movies, which they can share with other users. Also, since collections allow tagging, it is a good way to keep track of the DVDs that you have lent to other people. The site uses the DVD catalogue as a database, so at downloading’s toolbar you just have to drag and drop the film you like into it, and it gets automatically added to your list or catalogue. After that you can add comments, tags and rating stars to it. In Their Own Words

“ is an Amazon based service where you can catalogue films, tagging and commenting as you go. Film collections are public so you may find like minded users whose collections contain movies that you might like.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It could possibly become a killer startup in as much as everybody owns movies, and those who own lots of them know how hard it is to keep them organized and catalogued. Also, the fact that their database is accessible from any computer is great and very convenient.

Some Questions About

The market for video comment and indexing seems a bit crowded, so it seems fair to ask how is planning to tackle this issue.

Author : Caroline Bright

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