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FilmGator.comGoing to the movies has lost its charm for me, if only because the surprise factor has been lowered a lot. In the past, we had the opinion of critics and a little word of mouth to complement that.

Now, we have a worldwide community that gives its opinion on this, that and the other when it comes to any single title. Times are different for sure, now we live in a society that hungers for information and gulps it down. And if you want to know anything about any movie beforehand, you can do so in just a couple of clicks. Leaving aside the opinions of others, you can learn all about its plot, characters and also technical aspects. And sometimes that happens unwittingly. You are looking for very certain information and you might end up coming across some major plot point.

Still, not many seem to complain. Quite the opposite, actually. It is all part of the trade off. And if you are looking for a new central destination in which you can immerse yourself in the online side of movies, you might as well give this one a good try. It will let you create a timeline, read and write reviews, and socialize on sites like Facebook and Bebo. That definition is representative enough. If you like movies and are known to hang online (and chances are you do if you have read this far), FilmGator will most likely keep you entertained for a while. And a little way beyond that too. In Their Own Words

“Get ideas for the next movie to watch or see how your friends liked the movie you heard about. Come back afterwards to rate it and add it to your timeline. Simply put: FilmGator – Between Movies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Film adepts are going to really enjoy the chance to interact and learn more about the latest releases in such a social setting.

Some Questions About

How does the rating system exactly work?

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