– A Social Desktop At Your Fingertips

FileRide.comSelf-described as a “hyper social desktop”, FileRide enables people to connect globally through interests in common like multimedia contents, documents and links. The system works by expanding your existing network as you drag files and links.

Or, as the site puts it, “add your interests and we’ll add friends!”

A remarkable aspect is that this is carried out without actually exposing the private contents that make up your documents. This way, your privacy is secured while making room for social interaction at its purest.

The current version of FileRide is 0.3 Beta, and it weights 12.1 MB. It is available to Windows XP/Vista users. A very important note, though: until the 30th of November FileRide can be downloaded and implemented by any user, anywhere. However, after that date you will have to contact the team and ask for an invite in order to use FileRide. So make sure to take advantage of the existing offer while you can, and check this new approach to social networking firsthand. In Their Own Words

“Add your interests – we add friends!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very interesting take on the world of social networking.

Some Questions About

Will other operating systems be taken into account later on?