– A Digg System for Games is a site where games are available for free download.

First of all just having a site with links that have been checked an verified is great, but steps it up a bit by also allowing users to blip the games that they think definitely need to be downloaded and you can search through videos by the amount of times that it has been blipped and also by the most downloaded and discussed, lates, game and genre. There are also locations on the site to find cheats, and a forum to discuss further the games that are being played, reviewed and blipped. In Their Own Words

“FileRadar is an evolved game files site. It’s created for gamers and powered by the community. Your link contributions, ranking and commentary make FileRadar the best place to get your game files fast and free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The digg system has really yet to be utilized like this in a game downloading website context. This is clearly going to help bring this site to the cream of the crop for game downloaders to find the newest and best downloadable games.

Some Questions About

The site although easy to navigate through is very unappealing to the eye, and it looks as if the only monetization is a couple of banner ads.