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FileMail.comDo you find it hard to receive or send large files with your e-mails? Do you want to storage large files in your e-mail account? If that is so, might be a useful site for you to visit. Filemail is a free service you can use to receive and send large files in an easy, fast and secure way.

You can use for free without having to register. This service offers an upper limit on file size (2 gigabites) than other file transfer servers. In addition, works as an online file hosting service where you can storage your large files online. This file server also lets you share big files with your contacts.

Are you looking for a large file transfer server? Do you want to receive or send large files, and storage your documents on the net? In that case, will be a useful website for you to visit. In Their Own Words

“The idea behind was born summer 2007 in Oslo, Norway. We felt that it was too difficult to email large files (>50MB)… After googling a bit looking for solutions, sites like and came to our attention. These sites attempt to address the problem of emailing/sharing large files in various ways. After testing pretty much all of them we still didn’t feel satisfied – they all have one or more flaws (in our opinion)… We decided to try to make something better.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has several legs up on many competitors. It’s 2GB file size limit is much higher than that provided by a lot of other free services, and it is convenient to use because you don’t have to register. Perhaps best of all, you can select multiple files for upload at once, which is much easier than individually selecting each file.

Some Questions About

What are the limits on how many days a file you upload is available for and how many times it may be downloaded? How do these stats compare to FileMail’s competitors? How fast are the uploads and downloads with this service?