– Filing Tax Extensions Made Simple

FileLater.comFilelater is the ultimate web service when it comes to filing your tax extensions. With current economic woes worse than ever, filing tax extensions is increasingly common.

However, everyone knows that doing so can be dreadfully cumbersome. This makes an application that handles the task of filing tax extensions really valuable.

The site claims that anyone can receive a six month tax extension in simply minutes. Furthermore, it goes as far as claiming that the IRS doesn’t ask for a reason of why you are filing a tax extension. Scepticism is vast on this issue, however only when we begin hearing user reviews should we know for certain if such claims are veracious or facetious.

Filelater makes tax jargon easy because it understands all the different tax codes and terminology, thus not necessitating an elevated level of knowledge pertaining to the taxation system to be able to file tax extensions successfully. The interface allows you to log in whenever you want to track the progress of your tax extension which is updated daily with official record from the IRS. Another service offered by Filelater is the possibility of paying off any tax balance through means of your checking account using direct debit. In Their Own Words

‘File a tax extension in minutes. Get a 6-month tax extension in just 5 minutes. Anyone can extend automatically – the IRS doesn’t ask you for a reason. You’ll receive an email confirmation once your extension is IRS-approved.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides a much needed service.

Some Questions About

How accurate is the information given on the site regarding the effectiveness of the service?