– Selling Tickets Through The Internet

Fikket.comFikket is a system that turns the whole process of selling tickets and dealing with bookings and registrations for any event into something that is less time-demanding for all concerned parties.

Fikket will empower you (as the organizer of the event) to set up an online ticket shop where you can sell tickets to the world at large, and at all times of day at that.

The way everything works, Fikket makes for tracking how your event is shaping up by letting you access online ticket sales statistics. It also enables you to download your data both in Excel and CSV.

And in case things don’t look exactly good, you can always turn to the Social Web in a bid to make people become interested in your event. In actuality, that won’t be that difficult to do – integration with services such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is provided by default, and getting the word out on your event entails little more than clicking a button once the page of the event itself has been created. In Their Own Words

“Online ticket sales, bookings and registrations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it takes something that is usually laborious and it injects a lot of dynamicity into it.

Some Questions About

Which currencies are actually supported?