Fight Back Against Fast Fashion—And Support Great Causes—With PoshPublic

Today’s Killer Startup: PoshPublic


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Elevator Pitch:

PoshPublic turns two-dimensional art into fashion, directly benefiting the artists or nonprofits who created the crowdfunding campaigns.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’ve recently gotten really into the idea of “slow fashion,” which is basically the opposite of the disposable crap you (and I) buy at places like GAP and H&M. During my time in Guatemala, I saw women making the fabric that they’d later wear or sell and I was just entranced by the idea that making clothing — even the fabric itself, not just sewing it — could be such an intense, creative process.


PoshPublic fits into that “slow fashion” ideology in a different way than those Guatemalan weavers did but still absolutely follows the same principles. While the artists in PoshPublic don’t actually make the fabric that’s ultimately used, they do provide their own, original, beautiful two-dimensional artwork that is then transferred onto a piece of clothing. Currently, they’re offering hand rolled, hand stitched scarves and matching pocket squares (made of 100% silk satin, silk twill or silk chiffon). They also have unisex t-shirts made from 100% cotton: t-shirts with art front panel; t-shirts with art pocket; and t-shirts with art sleeves in a raglan style. Finally, they also offer women’s activewear and yoga wear, including a performance fabric sports bra and performance fabric sports leggings. Soon, they’ll also be offering men’s button downs, women’s skirts and even more clothing and accessories.


And here’s a fun little twist: PoshPublic isn’t your average ecommerce site. Instead, only a limited number of each item is produced and then sold through a limited-time crowdfunding campaign. Artists can choose to take the proceeds of the sales of their items themselves or donate it to their favorite cause. Additionally, nonprofits that are searching for a new, awesome way to crowdfund can pair with artists to set up campaigns and raise some much-needed cash.


Our current obsession, as a culture, with new and inexpensive things come at the cost of artisanal traditions around the world suffering and, sometimes, being lost. It’s a pleasure to see a new kind of artisanal tradition — this transfer of original artwork onto physical objects — blooming with the help of modern technology.


Oh, and the fact that PoshPublic also helps out cash-strapped non-profits, which always need a boost? What a great bonus!



Don’t fall for #fastfashion. Get beautiful scarves created with original artwork — and benefit a great cause — with @PoshPublic


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