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As an app for connecting work teams in real time, FieldForce does something similar to what Google Docs does. However, FieldForce is developed for iPhones and allows for mobile coordination of a whole team of people which need to make projects together.

And it really offers quite a lot of tools being mobile and all. For example, you can deliver voice messages to the rest of members from the team, with instructions or whatever you need to tell them. Maybe recording some voice memos or requests to change some other task agreed upon previously.

The real time contact with others privately is what stands as the essence for this app, allowing to send messages as you do on You can send normal messages or high-priority ones, and have live communication with every other team member.

There is also a calendar with a monthly or weekly display, and this latter one can be seen in a seven or a five day overview. Then, you can also use the To Do manager, which lets you assign tasks to your whole team in a totally effective way.

Another of the interesting features of this app is the team management tool, because with very simple actions lets you form your team. You can use customized e-mail invitations for this, or send private Twitter or Linked In messages. Removing members from your team is just as easy also. So you don’t need to follow complicated processes concerning this aspect of team creation.

The map location feature will help you or your work team members to see each other’s locations, and you can even see  a snapshot of a map with tags showing where each team member is in that exact moment.

All these makes Field Force a very good and useful tool to coordinate team work, with all the mobile advantages which other team sharing internet tools did not allow because of having been thought for use in computers. In Their Own Words

What if you could use mobile social tools to get real-time updates from your team, check-in at customers and manage relationships across time and place?

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Can we hope for a version of this app for Android?


Author : Charly Zaks

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