– For Dog Owners All Over The Country

FidoFactor.comFidoFactor is a new site that aims to become “the ultimate guide to dog-friendly locations”. It intends to achieve that by including a comprehensive listing of parks, shopping malls and restaurants in which you will be allowed to bring in your canine companion.

These can be browsed by category (obviously), and on the main page of the site you will be able to see both the latest ones that have been added, along with those that have been recently reviewed by users. That is, the site is fuelled by users, as it is only fit – something which aims to provide extensive coverage from coast to coast will necessarily involve input from users.

Besides, the site includes a section in which news and events are detailed, including notable activities to do all over the country with your whole family and your pooch in tow.

Lastly, a nice touch is that a mobile app is provided. You can procure it using the featured link to the iTunes store, and access the information when you are on the go. The mobile site is likewise accessible at In Their Own Words

“The ultimate guide to dog-friendly locations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The information that the site gathers together is certainly useful, and the fact that it can be accessed using a mobile is certainly a plus.

Some Questions About

How much does the provided mobile app cost? Will other mobile devices be eventually added to the supported ones?