– Sharing What You Eat & Drink Online

Fiddme.comFiddme is the kind of social service that (to many) simply exemplifies how people are keen on squandering time online. You see, Fiddme will let you tell the world at large about these things that you are eating and drinking.

You can also tell others where it is that you are eating at. The idea is to let foodies network around the one thing that they always have in mind.

In order to start posting your culinary escapades online you will have to procure the provided iPhone app first. You will be able to start sharing what you are eating and who you are eating it with upon minutes of having installed it.

New users of this system are highlighted on the main page under the “New hungry people” banner and the main page clearly highlights the most recent contributions in the section that is entitled “Recent Meals”. I don’t think Fiddme merits any further elucidation, but if you are still wondering how the system works you might as well give these two sections a look in order to see how people use Fiddme. In Their Own Words

“Fiddme aims to be your local visual guide to culinary wonders around you, exposing you to new places and interesting people in your area.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While it is true that it caters for a very specific audience, it is also true that it will have their social needs covered more than satisfactorily.

Some Questions About

Which mobile devices are going to be supported next?