Fiddleback Outpost Is One Sharp Looking Business

Here’s something I never thought I’d hear myself writing: Fiddleback Outpost, an online knife storefront, is the perfect company to demonstrate why the Internet rocks.


“Huh,” you say? Well, unless you’re really into knives or you live near Cumming, Georgia, you probably would never encounter Fiddleback Outpost. Thanks to an online presence, however – a website, social media, search, etc. – your chances of coming across this solid business improve greatly.


Not to mention, you can buy their beautiful knives and have them shipped, all from the convenience of your glowing screen.


fiddleback landing


About the knives. The Fiddleback Outpost sells both handmade and mid-tech production knives. (I gotta tell ya, artisan products combined with a landing page that features a burning blade during forging is a one hell of an attention grabber.) Fiddleback Forge designs stunning tools that can handle a heavy workload.


Their handmade knives boast a fit that makes the grind (or blade, for those like me unfamiliar with technical, knife terms) feel like a natural extension of the hand, while their mid-tech production knives… it’s for the best if you hear this straight from the source:

“The mid-techs have CNC machined raw blades and scales that are then assembled and hand shaped/finished at the Fiddleback Shop along with the all-handmade knives. The mid-techs feature synthetic Micarta handle scales designed for durability and grip in wet environments and feature an S35VN stainless steel blade with a stonewashed finish for durability in harsh environments.”


What I (an appreciator of all things made with skill and beauty) take from this description is that these are seriously well-made, badass knives.


Whether you’re in need of a sturdy camping knife, you’re a rugged wilderness adventurer, a Survivor contestant in need a bushcraft knife that will never let you down, or the sort who needs a top of the line machete, Fiddleback Outpost has the right knife for you.


If you have ever spent any time outdoors, you know that a reliable, comfortable knife is an indispensable item. A trip can sour quickly if your knife breaks. So, if you want to outfit yourself with a superior knife – or if you want to see how a sound business can better carve out its niche online – be sure to check out the Fiddleback Outpost.


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