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FFHolic.comFriendFeed is quickly becoming the most popular thing on the internet. If you’ve become addicted to this site, then you should check out Ffholic.


com. On the site, you’ll find the best from FriendFeed, all presented in a way that lets you find content fast and enjoy it thoroughly. You’ll be able to see the most popular entries on FriendFeed, the most commented ones, and the most popular users. All of these things make it possible for you to better enjoy the FriendFeed experience, introducing you to the best and most popular content sharing micro-bloggers out there. It really boggled my mind to see that Robert Scoble is the most followed person on FriendFeed. Leo Laporte makes the third position. I used to watch him when TechTV still existed. Very interesting. These are the kinds of things that you’ll find on In Their Own Words

“FriendFeed on the rocks!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anyone who uses FriendFeed should try this out. It’s a great way to get more out of the already popular service.

Some Questions About

Does it add to the experience? Will most FriendFeed users even bother to look at this?

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