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FFBlockr.comFriendFeed doesn’t get the shine it deserves. It’s a very innovative service that takes sharing to a whole new level.


If you don’t think this way, think about this: Facebook is constantly adding new features that mimic those that already exist in FriendFeed.

Now that we’ve established that you should be already using FriendFeed, you have to have a way to figure out who blocked your updates. People always want to know who blocked them, and will give you that satisfaction when it comes to FriendFeed. The site will give you a list of people who are most likely to have you blocked, taking into consideration their preferences and the stuff you share.

It’s not an exact method, but it will give you the satisfaction of knowing who has blocked your updates. If you are paranoid about who blocked you, then this is the site for you. Otherwise, it’s not that useful, but to each his own. In Their Own Words

“Learn who most probably blocked you in your FriendFeed network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s an interesting tool that FriendFeed addicts will find useful.

Some Questions About

What’s the point of knowing who blocked you? Is there a productive edge to it?

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