FetchMP3.com – Creating MP3s With Ease

FetchMP3.comFetch MP3 is one of these highly-useful applications that will let you take a video you have found on the Internet and have its audio extracted as a MP3 file you can then proceed to save to your HD.

The site is anything but mysterious, as you simply supply the URL that you want the audio extracted from and then Fetch MP3 does all the tricky bits itself.

A “Progress” bar will be displayed at the bottom of the page for you to know how long you will have to wait, and for determining if you have time to get that cup of coffee you will need to make it through the wee hours.

Note that the site also has a built-in search engine, so that you can always skip one step in the process and find the songs you are after right from the website. You will also be capable of uploading your own media and having its audio extracted straightaway.

That is certainly a nice range of functionalities. Not many sites for creating MP3s have even half of them, so that when a site which is as polished as Fetch MP3 comes around it doesn’t go unnoticed. And the presence of a Firefox plug-in simply adds more icing to the cake.

FetchMP3.com In Their Own Words

“Convert YouTube videos to downloadable mp3s!”

Why FetchMP3.com It Might Be A Killer

So many options are provided for inputting a file that the site is quite distinctive as a result.

Some Questions About FetchMP3.com

Will extensions for other browsers be eventually provided, too? FetchMP3.com