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I guarantee that there are music festivals out there that even festival junkies have never heard about. Too many continue to crop up – everywhere you might imagine – to have caught the news about each one of them. We’ve entered a golden age of music festivals.


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Fueled by popularity, social media buzz, sponsorship, and huge profits, music festivals easily populate a calendar year. Having lived in New Orleans, I can tell you that in NOLA alone, there’s at least one music festival a month, not to mention all the other festivals that include music. How ever can a person keep up?


Festival Joy. This is a new website built to help people discover music festivals around the globe. Users can search for music festivals by country, music, size and date.


This is a music festival lover’s dream come true. Going to travel? Find out if there’s a music festival when you plan to go, or plan your trip to coincide with the festival. Love festivals but prefer modest crowds? Find the event that’s the perfect size for you. Need tunes, will travel? Enter in the date, and check out a map of all the festivals occurring during your selected time frame.


Think I’m exaggerating about the wealth of festivals to pick from? Check out the screen shot below of all the festivals scheduled during July of this year, JUST in North America. The variety and quantity of ongoing festivals is truly staggering.


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Despite the great festival boom, information regarding festivals has remained horribly scattered. Outside of the giant festivals, attention has been focused on local audiences. (Credit to the power of social networking that word of awesome festivals brings attendees from far and wide.) Festival Joy fills the knowledge gap nicely.


Since it’s already common for each music festival to have its own website and literature, there’s really no need to describe festivals ad infinitum. Click on a festival icon using Festival Joy, and you have a brief description and a link to the festival’s website – all you really need to determine if you want to explore further.


As far as locating a festival goes, Festival Joy is a handy guide and map for getting started. It’s easy to use, casts a broad net, and keeps search simple.


Music to the eyes, right? Moving along… if you want to discover music festivals around the world – any size, any style of music, any time – then dance on over to festivaljoy.com.


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