FemaleDrama.com – Dish Out Your Juiciest Stories

FemaleDrama.comFemaleDrama is a new site designed specifically for posting all your drama. Ladies (and Gents) are encouraged to tell the world about the time that Mr. X slept with Y whose sister is your best friend, or how your date wasted her dinner that you paid for on her dog, or can you believe that she was hired for her assets, rather than any skill? If dishing isn’t your style, you can ask the Drama crowds advice on topics like, wearing velour jogging pants, yes or no, or older women and younger men, or Madonna or whore. Posts are anonymous of course, so feel free to rant and rave. Each story can be voted or buried Digg-style. There’s also a question and answer section—guys can ask girls and vice versa. Tag clouds, RSS feeds, and comments make the site all the more interesting. Read the stories and laugh, cry, or smirk. You’ll have to register to get full access to all the features.

FemaleDrama.com In Their Own Words

“We’ve set this site up as a place where women can post all of their drama for the world to read and comment on. Please post anything you like in the appropriate category. All we ask is that you don’t use last names, or post pictures of other people without their permission. Enjoy ..”

Why FemaleDrama.com It Might Be A Killer

Who doesn’t like drama? This site has that sort of prying and saucy tabloid appeal. We pretend to deny our interest, but we’re fascinated by it. This site is a good place to go for pouring your heart out, for getting your revenge, or for simply venting against the opposite sex. It’s pure entertainment, also looks good.

Some Questions About FemaleDrama.com

Is this site actually good for getting advice, or is it more for gloating? Will they add professional advice columns? FemaleDrama.com