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FeelYouStar.comFeelYouStar is a video site comparable to an online talent show that will let those among you who are skilled have a chance to wow the world. This site is devoted to absolutely nothing more than videos which are uploaded by people like you and me who want to show the world what we can do. Piano players, guitarists, singers?Such are the prototypical users of this website. They shoot a clip of themselves doing what they do best, and then they submit what they have recorded for all to see and rate. The idea is that the ones who receive the most positive ratings and the most overwhelmingly positive response are all prominently highlighted on the homepage.

It is easy to sympathize with a site like this one. Ever since Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga became Internet stars, the idea that fame can be found online much faster than in any other setting has taken root for good. People are going to cherish any site that lets them show what they can do to an eager audience. That should be enough to help not go unnoticed, even when the design and layout of the site itself are nothing to write home about. In Their Own Words

Where you can become famous in a few seconds, and the public will decide whether you can be rightfully called a star or should be banned.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Talented people who are looking for an outlet for what they can do could never fail to find something like this interesting.

Some Questions About

How does the site compare with others that are similar in approach?

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