Feelinq.com – See The Way Your Friends Are Feeling

Feelinq.comWe can describe Feelinq by terming it a service that will let you know how your family and friends are feeling in real time. This is done through the wonders of Twitter, as you log in using your credentials in order to see a brief list that spotlights the way that your acquaintances are feeling.

You can then drop them a line or two if they are not feeling that extraordinary, or you can congratulate them if they are exultant and you wish to share in the joy.

Statuses include “Bad”, “Not Well”, “OK” and “Brilliant”. Some might claim that a handful more could have been added, but I personally feel these are enough. Just one or two more would mean that something which is clear to begin with could become a little muddied.

In addition to all that, the site can be employed to gauge the happiness (or not) of the whole world. An indicator is provided on the main page, and it obviously offers up an average of the way the whole world is feeling at any given moment. You can also see how people have been feeling in the last seven days at a glance.

Feelinq.com In Their Own Words

“Feelinq.com is free service which allows you to get to know how your close friends and family are feeling at the moment, in real-time. It also has been vastly used to measure how the World has been.”

Why Feelinq.com It Might Be A Killer

A service like this one is perfect for letting others share in your joy, or for finding a shoulder in no time at all.

Some Questions About Feelinq.com

Is there anything like it for Facebook? Feelinq.com