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feeDuck Is All It’s Quacked Up To Be – Huge Savings For Homeowners And A Smart Way To Find Agents

Selling a home is a stressful process – showing the place, negotiating the close, moving… There’s so much to be done (not to mention, so much money on the line). The last thing anyone needs is the additional hassle of finding a real estate agent.


One way for homeowners to feel a lot better about the process is to find the right real estate agent effortlessly and to save thousands of dollars before the For Sale sign even goes in the yard.


How do they do this? feeDuck is a marketplace where real estate agents compete for clients in a reverse auction, competing to represent home owners by underbidding on commission fees.


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There are many ways for home owners to find real estate agents – nabbing info from other homes on the market, agency directories, recommendations, etc. – but none of these routes will likely result in reduced commission fees, which eat considerably into the return on a sale. feeDuck saves homeowners big money without fuss and without haggling.


All home owners do is supply basic information about the property on feeDuck, and wait for the reverse auction to finish. No fees to list a home, no obligation to sign with any real estate agent. Better yet, no hunting for an agent. Instead, the agents come to homeowners. They decide what commission fee they’re comfortable with, and all that leg work is out of the way without any prolonged courtships. It’s straight on to selling the house and enjoying a greater return.



Of course, feeDuck benefits real estate agents as well by serving as a quick, additional revenue stream. Agents don’t pay to place bids or survey leads. It’s an affordable platform for direct access to quality leads. (Agents only pay a modest $170 fee when they win a bid.)


What’s more, alerts let agents know when new listings are available, saving them the time of checking in or following up. They simply survey listings, move auctions to their watch list, or place bids. They enjoy access to feeDuck from wherever they are, on their preferred device, which is more or less essential for any serious real estate professional.


According to the website, feeDuck has already saved homeowners over a million dollars on commission fees. The service has proven so popular in the Ontario area that plans are in the works to expand across Canada and the US this summer to keep up with demand.


Real estate agents work less to score listings, putting in minimal time to place bids on attractive opportunities. Homeowners enjoy real estate agents looking for them and the savings from low commission rates. A two-way win. Check out to learn more.


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