FeedSifter.com – Get Filtered

FeedSifter.comAlthough feeds are an incredibly useful means for staying up to speed on all your favorite themes, that usefulness often translates into overload. So many feeds results in inundation.

In order to recover the practicality of feeds, we have feed filters such as FeedSifter. FeedSifter filters at a very basic barebones, level, operating via keywords. You’ve got two fields to fill in, the first for entering the feed URL, the second for entering keywords. FeedSifter scans for the keywords you enter, giving you stories which match your selection. The filter can return results for single keywords or for sets. Commas mark off multiple keywords, and you’re allowed to do one search per line.

FeedSifter.com In Their Own Words

“One search per line.
Multiple keywords per search are comma separated.”

Why FeedSifter.com It Might Be A Killer

FeedSifter is feed filtering at its most simple. It’s as plain as you can get, which is just what you need if you’re inundated with too much information. It’s also powerful, for what it lacks in fancy features, it makes up with clean, useful results.

Some Questions About FeedSifter.com

Is FeedSifter too barebones to make much of a dent in the market? Will it add to its services? FeedSifter.com