FeedMom.com – Share Facebook Photos With Your Mom

FeedMom.comI am sure Feed Mom will look like a superfluous application to some, but I frankly find it interesting. You see, it is a web tool that can take care of fetching all the images that you upload to Facebook (or all these images that you have been tagged in), and have them delivered to your mother.

The logic behind an application like this one is that any person knows how to handle an email inbox, whereas not every person knows how to use Facebook. And that is not counting these cases in which the person understands what Facebook is about, and is dead against having an account on a social networking site, and overexpose his/her privacy.

That is precisely the most frequent answer older people give when asked about their reasons for not having joined Facebook. They always mention how concerned they are about their privacy, and overexposing themselves. Moms certainly do. Hence, a service like Feed Mom has a truly legitimate reason for its existence.

FeedMom.com In Their Own Words

Feed Mom will email your mom daily with all the photos you upload to Facebook and/or any photo you’re tagged in.

Why FeedMom.com It Might Be A Killer

A service like this could let parents who are against social networks understand they have got some undisputable good qualities, like making for the instant sharing of images

Some Questions About FeedMom.com

Will only moms benefit from this service? FeedMom.com