FeedFootball.com – Football News Aggregated

FeedFootball.comI don’t know how many of you are keen on soccer (or “football” for the rest of the world), but there is a Wold Cup that starts in two weeks and I bet some love the sport and want to be abreast of the latest developments. That is why I thought sharing this site with you would be a good idea.

It goes by the name of Feed Football, and it is an aggregator of news that gives you full control over what is actually processed and featured.

That is, the site will let you pick your own local, national and international channels and then have a start page created on the spot. As it was just explained, this page will be as internationalized as you want it to be.

This service is provided for free, and all you have to do is sign up for an account. Also, it is worth pointing out that an iPhone app will be released sometime soon – let’s hope it is ready when the World Cup kicks off. Otherwise, what’s the point?

FeedFootball.com In Their Own Words

“All the football news you want. All on one page.”

Why FeedFootball.com It Might Be A Killer

With a World Cup right upon us, having a site or two like this at hand is vital.

Some Questions About FeedFootball.com

What will happen after the World Cup ends? Will the site manage to keep those who have used it engaged? FeedFootball.com