FeedCal.com – Schedule Your Social Life

FeedCal.comSelf-touted as “a scheduler for your social life”, feedCal can take care of going through your Facebook and Twitter feeds and use the information that it finds there to fill out your Google Calendar for you. All you have to do to use this service is to connect feedCal with your Google Calendar and then instruct it to look in the social service that you use more (or both). FeedCal will take control from there, and handle the rest. It will fetch all the event-related information it finds on your feed (or feeds), and have it immediately added to your calendar.

FeedCal comes at a cost, with the most expensive version of the service being able to check both your Facebook and Twitter feeds every five minutes. And this monitoring obviously takes place all around the clock. So, feedCal is sure to assist even those among you who lead truly hectic social lives.

What do you think? Can a service like feedCal take on apps that (in spite of being operated manually) come with more notification options like Deadline? Sound off in the comments below, please.

FeedCal.com In Their Own Words

Isn’t it time to schedule your social life? Well now with feedCal you can! feedCal uses our unique social scheduling engine to go through your Facebook and Twitter feeds, picking out the ones related to events and automatically adds them to your Google Calendar!

Some Questions About FeedCal.com

What about adding some kind of integration with LinkedIn? Wouldn’t that broaden the scope of the application itself? FeedCal.com