– Feedback v. 2.0

FeedBackFX.comFeedback—it’s the lifeblood of TV, movies, advertisers, fashion, you, your boss, even the President. The usual online survey with a list of a hundred questions on a boring, white HTML sheet, no longer suffices in the digital age.

That’s why Feedback FX offers an alternative. Rather than plain old HTML forms, Feedback FX has a media platform full of interactive goodies for giving feedback. It’s perfect for market research. Say you have a website that needs critiquing. Using Feedback FX web-based platform, you can actually drag and drop emoticons with their own pop-up bubble commentary box. It’s like paintbox meets stickies. You can highlight text, add commentary, draw circles, arrows, or what have you to offer feedback your way. Once the feedback is returned, use Feedback FX’s analytical tools and reporting features to organize and analyze user opinions. Who knew giving feedback could be so much fun? In Their Own Words

“Companies across all industries must distill the opinion of its customers and turn that information into wealth. feedbackFX has the ability to create an in-depth conversation with every customer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Feedback FX is a great, innovative way to do market research. It lets use actually interact and give meaningful, visual feedback rather than filling out a plain old multiple choice survey.

Some Questions About

Will Feedback FX offer something for the service oriented industry? Will the analysis prove more useful than old-school feedback methods? Will respondents want to take the time out to use Feedback FX’s method?