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Feed43.comFeed43 as the title suggests, is a service that allows you to create RSS feeds for any site on the web for free. If your favorite site does not offer RSS feeds then simply use Feed43 to create a feed for yourself.


The site works by converting free-form HTML or XML documents into RSS by extracting parts of the text or HTML and applying search patterns. To put it simply, Feed43 gets the data for you by performing HTML scraping. To create a feed, find a site that you are interested in, create a new feed at which points the service to that site and then enter the feed parameters. With these steps completed, simply subscribe to the feed using your favorite feed reader and start getting updates from your favorite page. In Their Own Words

“Your favorite site doesn’t provide news feeds? This free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could become a popular tool for those who do everything with RSS but who are frustrated by the fact that not all of their favorite pages offer a feed. With Feed43, this becomes a problem of the past since any page can have an RSS feed created for it.

Some Questions About

Will they insert their own third party advertising into your feed? If they don’t, how will they make money off the service?

Author : Caroline Bright

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