search cancel – Ask Those You Trust For Help is a new social platform that connects people who could use a hand with those who could help them out. People who sign up for this service can build their very own networks, and include only those they trust in them. This means that on all the interactions are as safe as they can be – users know the people they are dealing with fully-well. Which is just right, when one thinks of the personalized services that one can get through the site – some prototypical favors being asked on the site include babysitting, walking a dog, looking after a senior relative… These are the kind of services that we would only ask from people who we know and trust. Well, this site makes connecting with them in minutes, and getting their assistance even faster.


And encourages people to help each other out by using a credit system in which 1 credit equal 1 hour. Credits are awarded automatically to those who do favors, and such a social currency puts an end to worrying about how one will repay his friends in the future. In Their Own Words

It is almost impossible to get everything done in a day’s time. Favor Traders enables you to build your networks, post favor requests and quickly figure out how to give and receive help. The best part is that you know and trust everyone you are asking – no strangers allowed!

We think helping others will strengthen communities, bring people closer together, and be super fun! Besides… trading time instead of dollars may leave your wallet feeling a little heavier at the end of the day.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way the whole service works means that users request (and receive) help from those they trust more.

Some Questions About

What can this social currency be used for?

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