FavorBank, Where Your Good Deeds Are Worth More Than Money

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Do we still know the meaning of this phrase?


One good turn deserves another, what comes around goes around, karma… Deep down, beneath our busy lives and the endless distractions that social media provides, we still know that doing favors for people rocks. It feels good to help. It’s also the neighborly thing to do.


And I don’t know about you, but I find myself needing help all the time?


FavorBank is a mobile-based app that looks to put the social back into social media by allowing users to exchange favors.


FavorBank landing


Here’s how it works. You need help with something – moving a piece of furniture into your apartment, mowing the lawn, a jump start for your car battery – it could be anything. You post a request for help with details regarding, what, when, how, etc. And you draw upon you favor bank to offer a certain amount of favor points for helping. You can even add hashtags and other media to your favor request to make it as easy as possible for someone to assist you.


Then you wait on others to bid on your request. They do you a favor and earn favor points that they can then in turn use to entice others to do them a favor down the road.


The premise is straightforward: need a favor, do a favor. The fact that someone bothered to develop this kind of social currency is rather remarkable. Quite the refreshing departure from your typical posting, huh?


There are a number of good reasons we need FavorBank. We need tools that bring us together, not apart. We need ways to find help when the people close to us are indisposed. Most of us could stand to save some cash, and can appreciate a means to pay without parting with money. We could all use a kick to think about doing something for someone other than ourselves… the list could go on indefinitely.


It will be rather interesting to see what value people place on particular favors. For anyone out there who hasn’t watched the Godfather, the movie opens with a father pledging anything if the powerful Don Corleone will avenge his daughter. The Godfather balks at talk of monetary payment. What does the Godfather want, besides respect? A favor.


Favors are worth gold. Ready to fill you FavorBank by doing favors for others? The app is coming soon to both iTunes and Google Play. Sign up to begin browsing favor requests and collecting favor points at yourfavorbank.com.


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