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FaqMe.comFaqMe is a company that can assist webmaster in the creation of help pages for their sites. Thanks to this service, all the webmaster has to do is to point his “Contact Us” or “Help” page to FaqMe.com in order to receive a FAQ page he can link to from his own site. In addition to all the obvious questions and answers, this FAQ page is going to include a contact form for visitors to get in touch. And the webmaster is going to be able to post questions visitors send him through this form on the FAQ itself if he feels they are important-enough.

Plus, the webmaster will be able to access detailed analytics regarding the information included on his FAQ. He will get to know which questions are being read more recurrently, and for how long. It shouldn’t be that difficult for a webmaster to couple that information with the messages visitors send in using the form which was mentioned above, and start figuring out how to have a FAQ that does its job much better.

The FAQ pages you can create through this service cost nothing, and they all come with no advertisements. And something which is also very important, they come with full support for HTML.

FaqMe.com In Their Own Words

Make a smart help page for your website.

Some Questions About FaqMe.com

Can you add rich media to such pages? If not, wouldn’t that make for an exponential improvement? FaqMe.com