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Fantazzle.comFantazzle provides weekly fantasy sports games that are unique to how fantasy sports works now. Unlike most fantasy sites where you choose a team for the entire season, they provide fantasy games where you can choose new teams each week. They have four unique games where you compete against other fantasy fans for a cash prize. They give players the choice of different entry fees and different league sizes so that players have the flexibility for their own preferences. This is a unique way to play fantasy sports that is likely to be the future of fantasy sports gaming. They will not replace traditional fantasy leagues, but they add to the options available for fantasy fans.

Fantazzle offers unique games and a set-up that cannot be found elsewhere. FantaStock is a different way to reward players. It works like a loyalty reward points system (like airline miles), but also gives players a voice in the direction of the company. In Their Own Words

“Fantazzle is a fantasy sports game company dedicated to fantasy fans. We differ from traditional games by offering unique fantasy games that are played over a shorter duration giving our players a chance to draft a new team for every game they play.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you like Fantasy sports games, then this is going to be a refreshing way for you to enjoy playing online.

Some Questions About

Will fans of this type of games like this? Isn’t it too complicated?