– Where Fans Set The Price

FanPrice.comThe premise of the FanPrice website is far from complicated: it enables fans and followers of music bands and sports team to keep track of upcoming gigs and events and buy seats for them by making an offer that is brought to the consideration of online sellers.

When making the online offer, it is possible to specify the intended seating location via the provided venue map.

Also, if you have no idea how much should you pay there is a “Get User Suggested Price” tool that can point you in the right direction.

The site also features an artist search that will let you look up not only artists and teams but also specific events, whereas a “Browse Tickets” category is included. This is broken into different categories such as “NFL”, “MLB” and “NCAA” along with “Theatre” and “Concerts”.

Registration must be carried out in order to use the featured system. This is dealt with online at no cost – you just furnish some personal particulars and set down account information and then you’re ready to go. In Their Own Words

“Where fans set the price!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It enables fans to find tickets in a supple and practical way.

Some Questions About

Is registration inexpensive? How can I inform myself about prospective ticket sellers?