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FanNation.comIf you are an avid sports fan, or enjoy fantasy sports, then this site is worth checking out. FanNation is a site that aggregates, filters, and customizes all the sports information found on the web.

The site provides the information in a community setting, where users can create a profile, blog, comment on articles, or network with other fans. A main site feature is the ability to track the news on the internet related specifically to one player or team. Users can also create and join groups, and communicate with friends from the site. In Their Own Words

“, is a web destination that aggregates, filters, and customizes all the relevant player and team content available at any time on the Internet. Instead of searching endlessly for the sports news you want finds it for you and delivers it to one place. You get the news faster and fantasy Fans gain a distinct advantage.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sport fans no longer have to search numerous sites to find the information they are looking for. FanNation aggregates all the news on the internet related to specific teams and players, allowing users to receive all their news in one spot. Not only is it a source for news, but also allows fans to blog and talk to other fans about their passion. It combines news and social networking in one site that could really take off.

Some Questions About

Does the news only come from specific sources? Does the site have affiliation with certain news publications? In the future will it include more sports?

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