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fanlib.comHave you ever wondered how would your favorite TV show continue? Or did you ever imagine another ending for your favorite movie? In you can find your favorite TV shows, books & movies continued by fans.


The site gives you the possibility to read about your favorite shows from their fan’s perspective. Also to find new endings for the whole series, or an invented chapter of a famous book, like for example Harry Potter or many other well known books. This page encourages common people, to become their favorite series writers and to share it with the rest of the series fanatics. Ass well, the site has a chat room where all users can join to chat about these series, books, TV show, or just to get to know some new people. You can freely sign in to this site and also participate in some contest were you can win some great prizes. Apart from reading about fanatic’s comments, you can also read about the real show or book. You just have to search in the search box provided in the main page and you immediately will find all the information wanted In Their Own Words

“FanLib, Inc. delivers People Powered Entertainmentâ„¢ in the form of online storytelling and fun, online events for entertainment fans. At, we provide a free service for people who want to showcase their stories, discover great writers, and share their passions with other fans. We also partner with media companies, publishers, and sponsors to create special events where fans can interact with the talent behind some of their favorite books, TV shows, and movies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site attracts all the TV shows, movies and book’s fanatics and all the creative writers that want to publish and share with other people their stories. This site presents a great combination between famous attractions, creativity and a very fun page to visit. Also it includes very appealing pictures and flash photo galleries.

Some Questions About

How many users are interested in continue their favorite series? Will people feel so attracted to invented movie endings?

Author : Charly Zaks

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