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Fanity.comWe have all been there: we start following the artists we love on Twitter and Facebook, only to find afterwards that their updates can (and do) become buried in our news feeds. That kind of defies the point of following them in the first place, right? Fortunately, help is at hand in the shape of Fanity.


This startup lets people individualize their favorite bands and performers, and have something comparable to an exclusive news feed generated. Obviously-enough, the idea is that this news feed will stand aloof from all the noise that blights our Twitter and Facebook streams, and which makes it impossible to find what we really want without having to spend more time than we have to spare

So, if you use this service you will ensure that the latest news will never pass you by, and that you will have access to content such as videos and photos the minute that they become available. Naturally, you will also get to know about ticket presales the moment that they are announced. That is the kind of information true fans would do anything for, in the end. And here they can get it just by merely clicking a button and becoming a fan of their favorite artists. In Their Own Words

Follow your favorite artists.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for anybody to remain fully posted on all the activity of his favorite artists, in a context we all have known to love in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

Some Questions About

How many artists can someone track like this? Is there any kind of limitation?

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