– A Social Way To Discover & Recommend Music

Fanit.comFanit is a new social service for the promotion and recommendation of music. It works along the following lines: fans support these artists and bands that they love by purchasing badges, and the money that is derived from these sales go straight (and entirely) into the pockets of the artists themselves.

Fans who accumulate the bigger number of badges earn “rank”, and upon amassing a certain score they become “super fans”. When that happens, the “super fan” gets something more that the respect of fellow admirers – they actually get a more tangible reward. That is nothing less than having a chance to engage with the artists directly.

In the end, this site makes discovering and sharing music something that resembles more a game than a research process. I was quite entertained when I tried it out, and I recognize some potential in it. I think most people will agree, specially considering that social gaming is an all-time height. But don’t take my word for it – head to the site and put it through its paces. And don’t forget your headphones. In Their Own Words

“Become a Fan to earn rank for discovering great music.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns finding new music to try into something resembling a big game involving people from all over the world.

Some Questions About

Are more rules and prizes going to be implemented?