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Fanified.comDoesn’t it get on your nerves when people who know nothing about something you couldn’t love more like a sports team, a TV show or a rock ‘n’ roll band come along claiming that they’re committed fans, when the truth is they’re just talking about such team, show or band because it’s fashionable to do so? As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of my pet hates bar none. And as a result, I find a site like Fanified extremely likable.


On Fanified, only people who could be deemed as “true” fans of anything have the right to speak their minds. Fanified is a site for people who are certified fans only.

And how do you become a certified fan? Easy. To join this site, you must complete a test first. Only if you prove that you really know your stuff will you be able to begin posting your own content on the site, and interacting with others.

I think most of you would approve of such a system. It isn’t unendurable, and it should be enough to keep those who jump on every bandwagon that comes along right away. Sure, they could check Wikipedia for the answers, but do you really think they’d bother? In Their Own Words

Stand out in the crowd and become a certified fan.

Some Questions About

Who creates these tests? Who can contribute to them?

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