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Fancloud.comTwitter has always made it easy for sports fans to connect with each other, and bash/praise all the teams in the leagues they follow. And now, Fancloud makes it even easier. And a lot more rewarding, too. This new platform brings together sports fans and professional sports writers, and it lets them interact with each other as if they were all in the same room. Messages are aggregated into a fancloud where just everybody can see what’s being said about his favorite players, and put his two cents in. All in all, Fancloud aggregates more than 10,000 tweets from experts alone each day.


And I said that the site’s more rewarding than other communication platforms because it lets you compete for free tickets and other giveaways. And just by checking-in to any game you’re attending you can interact directly with fans at home.

Along with DirectSnap, Fancloud is undoubtedly one of the cleverest Twitter-powered sites for sports fans you can find online. Give it a try – you can join the site and start messaging others just by signing in with your Twitter account. In Their Own Words

Fancloud is a one stop shop for sports news, commentary, and conversation.

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Wouldn’t the site be more effective if it integrated with Facebook too?

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