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Will I be remembered? How will I be remembered? At some point in our lives, we all wonder what others will think and feel about us. We reflect on what kind of legacy we will leave behind.


Thanks to the internet, and a social network called FamTribe, we can now play a more active role in creating our legacies, and know with a much greater degree of certainty how we will be remembered.


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FamTribe is place where you can share your memories – photos, videos, and other digital content – with your closest friends and family. Sure, there are plenty of social networks that announce similar potential, but FamTribe is built specifically to function like a time capsule that allows future generations of loved ones to enter our lives.


Where did we come from? This is another natural question we humans ask. And several  services have appeared online that offer to research our genealogy. These are amazing tools for tracking down information before we began generating so much digital history. Going forward, FamTribe is so much better than just knowing the names of ancestors and a few scant details. FamTribe gives us each a rich family tree to explore, filled with stories and information.


Founder of FamTribe, Ezana Berhane, adds: “In the grand scheme, every future generation inherits all of their ancestors’ content. Our future generations will know us as if they were alive with us. They will see every moment of our lives from the cradle to the grave. This will preserve the family identity and core values over generations, connecting the tribe across time and space forever.”



Most of us lead scattered digital lives. We post here and there (or not at all), with different filters and contacts associated with a hodgepodge of accounts. The result: we miss a great deal. There hasn’t been a coherent means to truly share with those closest to us, let alone reliably preserve our record for loved ones to appreciate.


FamTribe steps in and fills this gap. It spare us the worry of whether or not what we share will be kept private, since it’s available only to family and friends. It collects media where it’s easy for intended recipients to access. And FamTribe safeguards our memories from equipment mishaps, storage limits, the noise of public media – keeping a permanent spotlight on what truly matters in our lives.


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