Fampeo.com – Digg-Style Tech News Site

Fampeo.comFampeo is a Digg-style community news site. Its sole focus is technology.

You’ll find stories about Google, iPhones, social networks, gadgets and the like. On the left hand column are the categories, of which there are plenty (from Apple to Websites). There are tabs for submitting a new story, upcoming news, and published news. Stories can be sorted by popularity and by date. Clicking on a news item takes you to the original source. As with Digg, stories get be voted up or buried. Comments, tags, and send to a friend are also enabled. To submit content or to participate on the site, you’ll have to register.

Fampeo.com In Their Own Words

“Fampeo, is your community for sharing the best technology news and voting for the best technology stories. Fampeo is your community so you make it what it is. The aim is to have your stories voted up to the front page. To be a great community member, submit great stories and vote for stories you like. Invite your friends to join.”

Why Fampeo.com It Might Be A Killer

Fampeo has a clean, uncluttered look. It’s not laden with ads and has a pleasant color scheme. Once it starts getting more entries, it could become a decent source for tech news.

Some Questions About Fampeo.com

Fampeo is hardly original. Why do we even need another Digg clone whose focus is technology? Theses sorts of sites are a dime dozen. There are no innovations here. The logo needs work. Fampeo.com