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FamousLogos.orgAs any designer worth his salt can tell you, the creation of a corporate logo involves a tantalizing amount of work. A good logo is devised to become a mind trigger for generations on end, and to elicit ready association not only with a name but also with a whole approach and business philosophy.

This website will enable you to have a better understanding of the majority of logos that have gone down in the history of marketing as revolutionary pieces of work.

The main page includes both a search tool and a list of famous logos. The latter is very comprehensive, and every major logo is touched upon – from logos related to the world of computers such as Apple and IBM, to marketing milestones like the Coca Cola and American Express logos. Automotive logs are also featured, and these take into account names such as Ferrari, BMW and Rolls Royce.

All in all, this is an excellent resource for those who want to know what goes into creating a successful logo, either out of personal curiosity or with the objective of becoming the next designer who sits on top of the world. Check it out at Famouslogos.org.

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“Famous Logos is a website solely dedicated to offer you reviews, information and suggestions about logos and logo design companies. Famous Logos is a comprehensive website which enables you to understand a logo design of a company in a logical way.”

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It is a worthwhile resource for designers and the general public alike.

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