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FamilyLeaf.comSocial networks for families have always been popular. Sites like Familytic and Family Crossings are released at a steady rate, and today is the turn of FamilyLeaf. This new social network plays it true to the formula, as it lets you and all the members of your family connect with each other in a private setting. The site aims to give you a space where you can share photos and videos, safe from the eyes of strangers. Photos can actually be imported from other services such as Facebook, Picasa and Flickr.


And also lets you build a family calendar where you and your whole family can keep track of events. Any member of your family can create one just by setting a date, adding a description and then inviting everybody else to it.

Besides, the site makes for collecting and sharing information such as family recipes, and storing them for ever where they’ll never get lost or misplaced.

FamilyCrossings is available in two different paid versions (“Standard” and “Premium”), and there’s also a free edition that comes with ads. In Their Own Words

Collect all your family’s contact information in one central location.

Some Questions About

Is the free edition of FamilyLeaf limited in terms of features? Or is it different from the paid versions of the service only in the sense that it comes with ads?

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