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FamilyArmor.comAnyone who has seen Law and Order: SVU knows that the Internet is a very dangerous place for kids. FamilyArmor.


com is a free site that helps parents monitor the way their kids are using the Internet. The idea behind this site is that the Internet is just like a neighborhood with good neighbors and bad neighbors, bullies and friendly faces, speeding cars and playgrounds. No responsible parent would let their child run around a big neighborhood unsupervised so why should parents let their kids play alone in the biggest baddest neighborhood of them all? They shouldn’t. Now, parents can track where their kids spend their time online and be alerted by email. So far, the program only tracks website activity, nothing in detail, which kindly gives the kids some privacy while giving the parents a clue as to what’s going on. The best feature on is the resources section. Even if parents decide not to use the service, they should still check out the resources available on topics such as Internet bullying, safety tips and what to do if a problem arises. In Their Own Words

“The Internet, also has bad neighborhoods and it is difficult to navigate around these undesirable areas, especially for children. We as parents feel responsible to protect our children from the dangerous aspect of the Internet as we do in other cases. Children by nature are trusting and by definition innocent. Therefore, parents want to know that they are safe at home, at school, in the neighborhood and on the Internet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that right now parents can only see where their child has been is a good start. If kids know that their parents are aware of their activity it should scare them enough to not act carelessly. This service could result in very embarrassing conversations for kids, but it can also keep them safe from their own naïveté.

Some Questions About

Are there plans to add more specific online activity reports?

Author : Bruce Turner

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