FamiliLink.com – The WWW & Older Family Members

FamiliLink.comWith the possibilities that the social web brings in terms of connectivity, it is certainly a shame that older people are sometimes left out of the picture because they are not proficient enough so as to sit in front of a desktop and find their way there. This is all the more disappointing if only because elder individuals crave for human contact more than anybody else.

Just think how realized they would feel if they could immerse themselves in something like Facebook, watch the drawings of their grandchildren and keep in touch with the activities of their sons who might be located far away.

This website aims to address such concerns to a certain extent. Basically, it will show your older loved ones how to use e-mail along with how to access photos and videos. These can be hosted on any of the many sites that serve these purposes currently available, and they will be accessed from a centralized spot thus dispensing with visiting different sites, let alone handling different login procedures.

I think we will all agree the site is not only useful but actually laudable. It is the first of its kind I come across, and I frankly wish there were many more like it. But this one will more than suffice for the time being.

FamiliLink.com In Their Own Words

“Empowering family members to more easily provide care support to an older loved one by including them in the ‘digital loop’.”

Why FamiliLink.com It Might Be A Killer

To me, older people are the ones who could enjoy all the content on the social web best – it is a definitive way of avoiding feelings of loneliness. This solution goes some way into making that possible.

Some Questions About FamiliLink.com

Are there more sites like it currently available? FamiliLink.com