– MySpace for People of Faith

FaithBase.comFaithBase is MySpace for people in the faith community. The site is created by a corporation who specializes in niche social networks, and this is their latest creation.

The site offers the usual networking opportunities such as creating a profile, adding photos, videos, music, chatting or leaving comments on other profile sites. They also offer dating and a forum for a discussion of news that would be of interest to those in this community, such as, “Christian Colleges Green Revolution.” I liked the news part of the site, as it is useful to find news about issues that interest you. Otherwise, this site is not exactly original or ground breaking, but it does cater to a very specific crowd and will likely attract many who are turned off by the vulgarity and promiscuity of MySpace and others like it. In Their Own Words

Hope.Faith.Love.Inspiration.Redemption. Join the Discussion.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is a large community of people of faith out there in cyberspace, and this creates an attractive forum for them to meet, share and socialize.

Some Questions About

How are they going to reach the faith community, particularly those in the right age range? Are those teens to twentysomethings already loyal to other networking sites or will they just add to their mix?