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FairSpin.orgFairSpin is a news aggregator that compiles together “all the top political news from left to right”. As a result, political stories make up the main page of the site and you can see them arranged by bias.


A community spectrum is actually featured, and it shows the inclination or bent of site users as a whole.

As regards the actual sources these news are taken from, the answer is the entire WWW. Publications range far and wide, and these include The Politico, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post to name but three of a list that is actually endless.

In true news aggregator vein, the stories that are featured can be voted upon. In practice, this means that the stories you can see upon first visiting the site are the ones that have merited the most attention and elicited the most thoughts among site visitors.

At the end of the day, the site acts as a nice spot where you can inform yourself when it comes to the political matters shaping up our world. If you like to be always abreast of such developments, the site will be perfect for you. In Their Own Words

“FairSpin lets you see all the top political news from left to right. Click on titles to read stories, decide for yourself if they are biased, then vote your mind. Every vote makes FairSpin more accurate and useful.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives readers a very comprehensive overview of the political landscape as a whole.

Some Questions About

How long has the site been around? What features are forthcoming?

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