Facto.me – Revealing More About Yourself

Facto.meFacto gives you the chance to let others know more about yourself, one fact at a time. If you try this site out, you will be able to reveal just whatever you want in the shape of a micro-message that will be shared with other users of Facto. The idea is that they will then comment on what you have unveiled, joke about it (or rebuke you) and set the scene for further revelations.

As it is only suitable, all the facts which are shared can be liked by the ones who read them. That is what makes the best stand from the rest, and the one thing that ensures browsing through the available facts will be a moderately enjoyable experience.

Of course, this also turns the site into something that can be compared with a Digg for facts about people. The moment you think about, it dawns on you what an interesting concept that is. And while it is hard to say whether Facto will stay around or not, it is entirely obvious that most people will not resist taking it for a test drive – it is free, snappy and funny.

Facto.me In Their Own Words

A fun way to share little-known facts about yourself with others.

Why Facto.me It Might Be A Killer

People love sites that are this simple and entertaining.

Some Questions About Facto.me

In which ways could Facto become a more practical application? Is that even possible? Facto.me