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FaceySpacey.comThe cutesy sounding FaceySpacey is one of the internet’s premiere marketing and development company for social media. Their forte lies in apps for Facebook, widgets, social networking sites, video sites and viral marketing.


Basically, if you’ve got an internet project in mind, they’re the place to go. They’re a veritable one-stop shop for all things social media and web related. Among the startups they’ve created are, and They’re vision-oriented and strive to develop products and apps that have world-class GUI and technology. Everything boils down to planning and FaceySpacey excels at this. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to FaceySpacey, the Lead Social Media Marketing and Development Company. We specialize in Facebook Apps, Flash Widgets, Social Networking Sites, Youtube-style Video Sites, Rich Internet Applications and Viral Marketing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

FaceySpacey is good place to go if you’ve got an idea and want to run with it. They’ve got everything you need to plan and develop your idea and turn it into reality. Programmers who are just getting started would do well to check out what FaceySpacey has to offer?


Author : Bruce Turner

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